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BC Leon is a well-known bookmaker, famous for its wide variety of bonuses and promotions.
In just a decade, 1xBet managed to transform from an “average” franchise into one of the largest bookmakers, whose name has been heard by almost everyone. She started working in 2007, opening the first few betting points. Today it is represented in more than fifty countries of the world and has at least 400 thousand users.
Colossus Bets is a young online bookmaker aimed at UK users. The company has been accepting bets on the outcome of sports matches since 2018 based on a license from the Isle of Man.
0xBET does not offer the widest pre-match line. The bookmaker offers clients a basic selection of bets: outcomes, totals, handicaps, but without a wide range of options.
BC 10Bet was founded in the UK in 2003, where it received a license to conduct its bookmaking activities. Every day this bookmaker attracts more and more players.
The bookmaker 10CRIC is ready to reward fans of express trains. The operator gives bonuses for real balance to winnings. The size of the reward depends on the number of events in the coupon.

There are plenty of comments about the activities of the 123bet bookmaker. One of the clients pointed out the company’s PR campaign in the form of a free bet.

The operator appeared on market quite recently, but bettors have already managed to leave comments about the company’s activities.
188bet is an Asian bookmaker that focuses on professional players and is the title sponsor of English football.
18Bet is a bookmaker that has been operating since 2011. It does not have land-based betting points, and all activities are concentrated exclusively on the official website.

Best Bookmakers for MMA

This is a list of legal and some of the best bookmaker companies for betting on ultimate fights, but there are other companies that need to be chosen with caution and care.

How to choose the right bookmaker?

Just the desire to bet on MMA is not enough. You need to decide which bookmaker will place bets on mixed martial arts. To do this, you need to pay attention to several key aspects, which we will discuss below.

Best Bookmakers for MMA

Legal activity of a bookmaker. First of all, you should pay attention to the bookmaker’s license. It is very important that this activity is legal, and then all monetary transactions with this bookmaker will be legal. All companies from the list above are registered in the Unified Center for Information and Accounting, therefore their financial transactions are regulated by law.
Line width. When it comes to betting on MMA, it is very important for an experienced bettor not to limit himself to just one UFC league. If you are interested in fights not only from the most popular and strongest league in the world, then you should pay attention to the MMA line, namely, the fights of which promotions are included here. Bellator, PFL, ACA, AMC Fights Nights, ACA. The more promotions there are in the line, the more due attention the bookmaker pays to fans of betting on mixed martial arts. Pop MMA has also become very popular, so bets on ultimate fights, boxing fights and fist fights in this segment can and even should be included in the line.
Depth of painting. As a rule, if a company has a wide line for betting on MMA, then the depth does not suffer either. The depth of painting refers to various options for a specific battle. That is, when in addition to choosing the winner of the fight and the draw, there are also other options, including the total of rounds, the method of ending the fight, the round in which the fight will end, and other similar options. It often happens that there is little point in betting on the favorite of a fight because of the small odds, so the depth of the line is important for the user to place a bet on MMA with the odds that interest him.
Bookmaker mobile application. In modern realities, when most of life takes place on a smartphone, it is important for those who like to bet on MMA to be able to track sporting events online at any time in order to place bets in a timely manner. This opportunity appears after installing the mobile application. The bookmakers listed above provide the opportunity to download a mobile application with which you can place bets in a matter of seconds.

MMA betting. Tips and tricks

There is no one win-win formula for successful betting, but you need to know some basics.

Bets on MMA are divided into two types. You can place bets before the start of the event (pre-match), or you can place bets during the event (LIVE). These two types have their own specifics, but they also have common features.

Knowledge of sports. It’s corny, but it’s the basics. Without a deep understanding of MMA, the specifics of this sport, politics and other nuances, you will not be able to become a winning player.
Selection of odds. This point follows from the previous one. You need to understand that often the odds do not always correspond to the pre-match balance of power. Experience and in-depth analysis will help you look for inflated odds over time. Bookmakers are often based on the fighter’s popularity and the hype around him, so they set odds based on these factors rather than the fighter’s skills.
Experience. You need to analyze bets on MMA not only before the start of the match, but also after. A losing bet does not always mean that it was bad. Or, conversely, if a bet wins, it does not mean that this happened due to a thorough pre-match analysis of the balance of power. Sometimes unforeseen situations occur in MMA, including injuries, rule violations (disqualifications) and judge bias.
Live broadcasts. If you are going to bet on bare-knuckle fights on a regular basis, we recommend tracking all fights in real time. This way the experience of betting is more acutely felt and perceived. The point is not even that you can adjust the bet by betting in LIVE mode, but the point is that after watching a certain fight, you will be able to more sensibly assess the chances of these fighters in their next fights. If you were unable to watch the event in LIVE mode, watch the battle in the recording.

How to bet on MMA: betting options

We have already given general advice on how to bet on MMA, now we can discuss in more detail the types of bets and some approaches to betting.

Bets on an incomplete fight. In the article “Betting on Boxing” we recommended looking at betting on the entire distance of the fight or the total over. But betting on MMA fights has a completely different dynamic, and here we would recommend playing in reverse and looking for events that can end early. You can bet on MMA, where heavyweight fighters fight, who both have power in their fists. For an incomplete fight in such cases, bookmakers do not give the highest odds, but bets on an incomplete distance in such fights are played very often.

Live betting. MMA betting in the “Live” section is a separate topic, but quite suitable for beginners. Only in the dynamics and during the course of an event can one understand how and according to what principles the coefficients change, and also after such sessions experience and the so-called “feeling” can appear. You can bet on a knockout after the 1st or 2nd round in fights between two knockouts or if you see that one of the fighters is starting to get tired. Formally, this is a bet on an incomplete battle, but in real time the dynamics and odds are completely different. There are many options for live betting.

Betting on the underdog. In MMA, the strategy of betting on the underdog is popular, as is the case in boxing betting. But there are differences in the coefficients. In boxing, higher odds can be seen for underdogs, since fights are more often organized here, where the favorite has 80-95% to win. And when it comes to betting on the sport of MMA, and this is especially noticeable when betting on the UFC, competitive fights are organized much more often. Upsets in MMA happen more often, but the odds are completely different. Some experienced experts, analyzing bets on MMA sports, suggest that it is reasonable to bet on the underdog if he has superiority in wrestling or good skills in ji-jitsu. In other words, it is advisable not just to bet on an outsider, but to understand how and in what ways he can secure a victory for himself. Also, some analysts prefer to bet on an underdog who has a knockout blow. Even if he is inferior to the favorite in all respects, he can always finish the fight after one successful hit.

Betting on the favorite. Yes, you can combine two approaches at once when betting on MMA fights. Since in any case, each battle must be analyzed separately. The skew of the coefficients in one direction or another may be unjustified. For various reasons, bookmakers often set odds that may surprise experienced bettors. And when betting mma on a regular basis, one of the main skills is to learn how to find such odds. There are often situations when the favorite of a pair is clear, but since he fights with a fighter who has great merit and experience behind him, bookmakers can give odds for the favorite in the region of 1.5-1.6, although most fans leave no chance for the underdog at all . Looking for unjustified odds is a skill that comes with experience, and experience can be gained by betting on bonuses from bookmakers. For example, we have already talked about bookmakers with free bets, where you can place a bet for a bonus free bet.

Betting on MMA from mobile applications

Having a smartphone, accessible Internet and a mobile application gives you the opportunity to bet on fights without rules at any time and at any moment. Bookmaker companies devote a lot of time to mobile applications, providing users with all the opportunities and conveniences for finding the right events and placing bets on them.

How to bet on MMA from a mobile application?

There are no complicated instructions. Everything is simple and fast. Approximately the same steps for all of the above companies.

  • Go to the bookmaker’s official website from your smartphone
  • On the main page, find the application download icon
  • Download and install the application (the site provides versions for IOS and Android)
  • Go to your profile or register if this is your first time on the site.
  • Find the MMA section in the line. Select the event or several events you are interested in
  • Place your bet