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BC Leon is a well-known bookmaker, famous for its wide variety of bonuses and promotions.
In just a decade, 1xBet managed to transform from an “average” franchise into one of the largest bookmakers, whose name has been heard by almost everyone. She started working in 2007, opening the first few betting points. Today it is represented in more than fifty countries of the world and has at least 400 thousand users.
Colossus Bets is a young online bookmaker aimed at UK users. The company has been accepting bets on the outcome of sports matches since 2018 based on a license from the Isle of Man.
0xBET does not offer the widest pre-match line. The bookmaker offers clients a basic selection of bets: outcomes, totals, handicaps, but without a wide range of options.
BC 10Bet was founded in the UK in 2003, where it received a license to conduct its bookmaking activities. Every day this bookmaker attracts more and more players.
The bookmaker 10CRIC is ready to reward fans of express trains. The operator gives bonuses for real balance to winnings. The size of the reward depends on the number of events in the coupon.

There are plenty of comments about the activities of the 123bet bookmaker. One of the clients pointed out the company’s PR campaign in the form of a free bet.

The operator appeared on market quite recently, but bettors have already managed to leave comments about the company’s activities.
188bet is an Asian bookmaker that focuses on professional players and is the title sponsor of English football.
18Bet is a bookmaker that has been operating since 2011. It does not have land-based betting points, and all activities are concentrated exclusively on the official website.

Best Bookmakers for UFC

These are proven operators with a good selection of events, adequate odds and, most importantly, stable payouts.

How to choose a bookmaker: general recommendations

There are several effective ways to choose a bookmaker where it is better to place bets on the UFC. Here are the main parameters to consider:

  • License. First of all, the player pays attention to the company’s license. Avoid unlicensed bookmakers, even if they offer high odds and many attractive bonuses.
  • Selection of bets. Reputable bookmakers include up to 100 or more markets for betting on UFC online. In addition to the usual markets for winning a match, there are many markets for events in rounds, for the type of victory, when the battle will end… For example, bookmakers 1xStavka, Betcity and Fonbet often include similar bets on the UFC in their lists.
  • Odds. Bettors, first of all, pay attention to the odds. Today, an acceptable margin on UFC bets is considered to be 5-7%. Please note that the commission differs even for the events of one match. For example, it could be 5% for winning a match, and 6.5% for winning a round. Keep an eye on this and choose the best offers from bookmakers.
  • Mobile betting. If you are interested in betting from mobile applications, then the best choice is the bookmakers from the list above. With just a few clicks, bettors place bets on UFC sports, make payments, and even watch fights live.

Players also prefer operators who accept long-term bets on the UFC. So that clients can bet several months before the start of the fights. We are talking about title fights, first and foremost.

How to choose a bookmaker to bet on UFC fights?

If you want to bet on the UFC and do this on a regular basis, then before choosing a bookmaker, the general rules for choosing a bookmaker may not be sufficient.

Let’s name important aspects when choosing a bookmaker that should be taken into account before placing a bet on the UFC.

  • Adding battles to the line in advance. The sooner fights are added to the line, the easier it will be to plan and bet on the UFC. Experienced players who look for the right odds and events to bet on do not make decisions instantly, but plan the bet in advance and look closely at the options. And the sooner fights with odds appear, the better. The most significant fights and major events are added to the line immediately after the announcement, but with preliminary fights things are different, since some bookmakers add all fights only a couple of days before the start of the tournament.
  • Depth of painting. Another important aspect for betting on UFC fights. The depth of the painting indicates the variability of betting options within one fight. A bet on the victory of one of the fighters (P1 or P2) may be unprofitable due to low odds, but you can always improve by betting on a certain method of victory: by points, KO\TKO or as a result of submission. You can also bet on the total of rounds (more or less than a certain number of rounds) or choose how the fight will end: early or by a judge’s decision. Typically, all of the above bookmakers have the ability to place UFC bets on multiple options within a single fight, but not all bookmakers add line depth up front. Some bookmakers are guilty of adding various options within one fight only a day or two before the fight, and sometimes the depth of the list appears only on the day of the fight.
  • Availability of Live line. Bets on MMA are not limited to just the pre-match. You can place a bet on the UFC when the fight is already underway, and this opens up new prospects with certain strategies and interest. Since UFC events have become very popular, the Live line in all bookmakers is not empty. All fights of this promotion, including prelims and preliminary card, are always added to the Live line. Bets on boxing in many bookmakers are not so closely covered in the Live line, since only the main card of the biggest boxing evenings falls into that section.
  • Bonuses and promotions for betting on UFC. Betting on the UFC is much more pleasant and profitable if you can still get incentives for it. Some bookmakers regularly hold prize draws regarding bets on the UFC. For example, in BC Pari, numbered UFC tournaments are accompanied by a prediction competition, as a result of which you can win large free bets. Or you can take the example of the Fonbet company, which offers bets on UFC numbered tournaments with insurance. During such promotions, you need to place a UFC bet, and if it turns out to be losing, then the player will receive 50% of the bet’s face value back.
  • Possibility of bet redemption. A useful feature that can sometimes help out. You can profitably redeem your bet during the fight. For example, if before the fight a bet was made at odds of 1.9, and your fighter wins the fight, then the odds for his victory became, say, 1.2. In this case, you can buy the bet profitably for yourself so as not to take risks, although the final profit will be less than the initially possible one. In general terms, this is how this function works, but there is a certain formula for calculating cashout.

How to bet on UFC correctly

There are two main approaches to betting on mixed martial arts. One part of the bettors watch the fights live and, based on what they see, place bets on the UFC live. The second part of the players study statistics, analyze previous fights of athletes and place bets in the pre-match. Each method has a chance of success, it is important to take into account the nuances.

Bets on the UFC in the pre-match

Best Bookmakers for UFC

What should you pay attention to when analyzing bets before the start of matches? In addition to athletes’ rankings and results, look at how many rounds they typically play.

Strong middle peasants. There are tough fighters who can take a punch well, although they don’t achieve big victories. Such strong middle players are given high odds when they fight with the tops. Yes, they will most likely lose, but they will last all rounds. And there is a favorable odds for this event.

Style. There are two types of fighters in mixed martial arts – fighters and strikers. The first ones succeed in masterful wrestling techniques, and the second ones have a powerful blow. It is logical that when two fighters of the same type meet, bet on the one who realizes his strengths better. If athletes of different styles meet, additional parameters are important here – the current rating, the latest results, as well as the results of head-to-head meetings.

Weight category. To place productive bets on the UFC, consider the fighter’s weight category, especially if it is new to him. After moving to another category, a fighter needs time to adapt. It doesn’t go smoothly for everyone, which affects the results. During such a period, it is better to bet on an opponent who has been performing in his category for a long time.

Live betting on UFC

The advantage of live betting on mixed martial arts is the opportunity to catch a higher odds. A small action is enough for the quotes to swing in one direction or another. Especially if equal fighters are fighting.

Understanding the discipline. Without deep knowledge of the nuances of MMA, it is difficult to make intelligent bets in live. Competent bettors catch periods when one fighter is slightly inferior, but retains a good chance of an overall victory. In such cases, it is possible to bet on UFC sports with high odds. And in order to win, you need to have thorough information about the fighter’s current form and see what he is capable of at the moment.

Maximum odds. Those who “live” often are registered in many offices. After all, in this case it is possible to place bets at the most favorable odds. This is especially true when it comes to large odds. After all, is there a difference between betting, for example, at odds of 2.5 or 2.8?

Live broadcasts. Needless to say, the importance of live broadcasts in order to place productive bets on UFC fights. The sites of the bookmakers mentioned above always have links to live broadcasts with high-quality video.

Betting on UFC from mobile apps

Nowadays it is convenient to place bets from your phone. Mobile applications come to help bettors. This is very convenient, because people do not always have access to a computer. He does not part with his phone, which means he will be able to place bets on the UFC at any time.

How to put it?
Everything is very simple and standard. To place your first and subsequent bets from your phone, follow these steps:

  • Go to the mobile version;
  • Go to the application download page;
  • Download and install the program;
  • Log in;
  • Select one or more events;
  • Place your bets on UFC fights.

If you prefer to bet live, you can easily watch the fights live in the app. And you will also receive complete information about the condition of the fighters if you are going to bet on the next meetings with their participation.