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1xStavka Review

The bookmaker 1xStavka, which appeared in 2010, quickly became one of the industry leaders. This is one of the largest bookmakers in Europe, which operates both “on the ground”, through the PPP network, and online. Provides legal acceptance of bets through the official website www.1xstavka.ru. Since 2016, 1xStavka has been operating as an online bookmaker and is a partner of the NPO Mobile Card, the operator of the Unified Central Information Center.

1xStavka Review

In December 2022, the operator of the website 1xstavka.ru changed its name to the limited liability company Stavka Ru (SR LLC). Previously, the company was called Bookmaker Pub LLC. All other details of the organization remained unchanged, and it continues to fulfill its obligations to the players in full.

Winnings from bets on the website of the online bookmaker 1xstavka.ru are subject to judicial protection, and are also provided by the compensation fund of the First Self-Regulatory Organization of Bookmakers of Europe, of which the company is a member. Certificate of membership in SRO No. 12 dated February 10, 2016.

Odds are good

For several years, BC 1xStavka has been one of the flagships of the Europe legal betting industry in terms of providing a high-quality line. At the time of writing this review (September 2021), the office still offers one of the highest levels of odds. Moreover, the margin is consistently low in all popular sports.

A characteristic feature of the BC “1xBet” line is that at certain periods of time the margin, both for individual events and for some markets within an event, can reach atypically high levels for a given office.

It is also worth noting that the Bookmaker’s Security Service can introduce an individual and significant increase in the margin for the player (for example, 1.7 – 1.7 for equally probable outcomes). Such sanctions are applied to players who make sure bets or to players who make mistakes.


For bets on matches of the 5 leading European championships (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) and the RPL on outcomes and totals, the margin is 2.5%. For second-tier European football championships (Turkey, Denmark, Portugal), the margin is on average slightly higher and remains at 3.5-4%. Moreover, it is worth noting that quotes for handicaps and totals are often more profitable than for pure outcomes.


The highest level of line odds is on the NHL, where the margin averages 2.5%. In the line for the KHL and top European leagues, the bookmaker sets a profit of around 4% on handicaps and totals and a little more than 5% on the main outcomes. At other championships, the margin starts at 5.5-6%.


For Grand Slam and Masters tournaments, the margin on the outcome of the match can be 3.5%, on the total and handicap – 4.5%. For medium and low-level tournaments, the margin can range from 4.5 to 6.5%. The margin on additional painting increases as the market importance decreases and can vary from 5 to 10%.

The choice of bets

The bookmaker “1xStavka” offers one of the richest lines for choosing bets. Large selection of events and markets for almost all sports and major competitions. Huge offer of bets on low-level championships and regional tournaments. In terms of the last parameter, “1xBet” is significantly superior to many of its competitors.

The list is distinguished by high variability: handicaps with the possibility of return (whole) or half-return (quarters), a wide range of “additional purchases” of points to the total or handicap, allowing you to either reduce your risk or significantly increase the odds. At the same time, the “additional purchase” of a handicap or total is distinguished by a smooth shift step – half a point or a point, and not abruptly by several points at once. This variety will definitely appeal to those who bet on football, basketball, tennis or hockey, where buying a point is one of the most important elements of the game.

Bookmaker 1xStavka makes it possible to place long-term bets (bet on the outcomes of tournaments, championships), and also lays out a line for several rounds ahead at once.