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31bet Review

The 31BET capper project started in 2016. Now the organization has more than 400 thousand subscribers in a group on the social media, good statistics and authority in the world of betting. This article is a review of 31BET. Let’s talk about how the project works, what is the passability of 31Bet bets and how to start cooperation with this company.

31bet Review

How does 31Bet work?

Firstly, the project invites users to purchase a subscription. 1 day costs 50$ (1 forecast), 7 days – 100$ (7 forecasts), 14 days – 13860 (14 forecasts). In addition, lately 31Bet has been more focused on free predictions. Can this be trusted, and what are the benefits for the company?

Free forecasts from 31BET are posted in the there group. Offers appear every few hours. Forecasts are generated by a computer, using special programs to calculate the probability of a particular event. The program takes into account many factors: from statistics of teams’ past games to current form and losses in the squad.

Passability of forecasts at 31 Bet

You can find very different reviews about the site 31bet.ru. Some are happy with their cooperation with the project, some regret the lost bank, and some, as they say, are neither hot nor cold. On the resource itself there is information that the average forecast coefficient is 1.55, and the passability is stated to be 60-70%. And if the percentages more or less correspond to reality, then the average value of quotes in fact rarely reaches the stated value, tending to 1.3, and sometimes even 1.15. Naturally, no matter how you distribute the bank, with such figures (throughput and average coefficient) it is not possible to raise money.


The website 31bet.ru contains all the necessary means of communication. The resource also has a live chat, where you can ask questions, and email. In addition, you can contact the project administration through the social networks. In principle, there is nothing unusual here. Communicating with 31bet is not difficult at all.

Despite the simplicity and accessibility for communication, 31 bet still does not inspire confidence anymore. The website, for example, lacks information about the legal address and details of the company, which immediately indicates that the approach to the matter is not the most serious.

Tariffs and payment methods

Previously, forecasts from 31Bet cappers were paid; information about tariffs is located above in this article. Recently, however, the company has begun to focus more on free forecasts, which become available to subscribers of the group on there social network after registering on the company’s website. Free cheese, as they say, is only in a mousetrap. Therefore, the forecasts that cappers allegedly share free of charge, of course, cannot be called credible. As we have already found out in the paragraph about traffic, 31BET does not pay much attention directly to sports betting, making money, first of all, from advertising bookmakers.


Activities, in general, and sports forecasts, in particular, from 31 Bet, of course, have a number of advantages. It’s good that the VK group has a detailed warning about financial risks, which is important for such projects. In addition, it’s not bad at all that the resource provides forecasts and educational materials for free, without demanding money from its subscribers.

Despite all of the above, it is worth noting that the 31BET project still has little in common with betting, especially professional betting. The company solves its problems of making money without really caring about profits from sports betting.