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Bet.co.za Review

Bet.co.za offers one of the best lines in terms of painting. This is mainly the result of the work of our own analytical department. But this coin also has a downside: there are often errors in the painting, and the line is one of the last to enter the market.

Bet.co.za Review

Favorite Sports is one of the bookmakers where you have the feeling that you can bet on absolutely anything. I counted 25 sports and several non-sports bets here. Traditionally, football is presented in more detail. It’s hard not to find some kind of championship, league, division or even semi-official tournament here. In “valuable” games, the book offers 130-150 additional outcomes, and in simpler matches – 70-100. Of the small-markets, I liked most the sets of handicaps/totals with the possibility of half-step additional purchases, individual statistics of teams/players, many options for the final result and bets on time periods. In general, if you like to bet on football, then this is the place for you. And in the rest of sports the situation is no worse.

The bookmaker Bet.co.za has an excellent line for e-sports. All the more or less well-known leagues of Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO and StarCraft 2 are presented here. With non-sports betting, everything is also good in the office. And if you get bored with this, you can distract yourself in a “live” casino and slot hall or test your sports intelligence in virtual leagues.

I still like the line, the painting, and the overall picture in the office. Now I understand players who are constantly looking for a working Favorite Sports mirror, because for the sake of quality betting, sometimes you can endure inconvenience.


The live is almost as good as the pre-match. Here you can also see the good work of analysts in preparing the list of small markets, but there are even more errors in them than in the main line. The only good thing is the attitude of the administration towards them, which always makes refunds and does not lead to controversial situations. I think past experience has an effect.


The odds at Bet.co.za are normal for a domestic bookmaker. This is not to say that the conditions are completely “draconian”, but they certainly cannot be called the best on the market. Books earn 7-8% on football matches, regardless of the league level. In tennis and hockey the margin is approximately the same, and in basketball it is slightly less – 5%.

Of course, odds are not Bet.co.za strong point, but for a domestic book they are quite acceptable. Therefore, I think that, in general, the office is worth the time and nerves that players spend searching for an up-to-date mirror of Bet.co.za.

Bonuses and promotions

An international website usually has up to 5-10 promotions, one or two of which are loyalty programs. For beginners, there is a risk-free bet of up to 10 euros, and there is a bonus for express and casino fans.