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Bet-nox Review

The line development at the Bet-nox bookmaker is carried out by professional analysts who, according to the statements of the company administration, work with all markets. And it is quite possible that this is why even in the pre-match line you can find a huge number of errors, not to mention the Live section. But you can also find several advantages in this: on the most important markets, the book provides very suitable options and odds.

Bet-nox Review

I was able to count a little more than twenty sports on the site. Traditionally, the football line is the best presented, but using the site turned out to be not very convenient. While I was looking for the right league, I had to scroll almost to the very bottom of the page, and this is about two hundred tournaments and championships. The football line is not very widely drawn – for the most “valuable” matches, Bet-nox offers no more than 150 outcomes. At the same time, the painting was done quite well, for which we can thank the analysts. There are many options for handicaps and totals with the possibility of additional purchases in half steps, bets on the exact score, comparison by halves, individual totals, etc.

The tennis line is not bad, almost all tournaments are represented in it: Grand Slam, Davis, ATP, WTA, ITF, various challengers. But the painting is a complete failure. For example, for the most important games of the Australian Open there are only 10 special stages, and in the ITF and challengers there are no special stages at all; you can only bet on the main outcomes. So tennis fans should look for another bookmaker.

The situation with hockey is, of course, better than with tennis, but it’s not quite as good as football. The hockey line features all NHL and KHL matches, as well as some national tournaments from European countries. The list for the NHL and KHL turned out to be more or less – 20-25 options each. There are no additional markets in other tournaments.

Live section

Bet-nox live line is a failure. Here, of course, you can find interesting offers (it’s not for nothing that a whole bunch of analysts work for the company). For example, the tennis line is quite widely drawn, but in the pre-match it is simply zero. But this plus is invisible against the backdrop of a huge number of errors and crooked quotes that can be canceled at any time. But professional players do not forgive such an attitude, and amateurs also do not tolerate it for long.

In terms of the level of decoration, the live is almost the same as the pre-match, but the odds are lower.


Bet-nox odds are comparable to the Europe average and frankly do not reach European ones. On the most valuable and expensive matches for beechs, the margin is about 7-8%, for simpler events – 9-10%, and on additional football markets – up to 12%

The office earns 10-13% on tennis, which is why I am once again convinced that Bet-nox is not suitable for tennis betters.

In hockey, it’s stable at 9-10%, and such figures apply to almost all available tournaments.

In general, the coefficients are not encouraging and only aggravate the current situation. They are too high, for a British beech tree, but when compared with Europe firms, they are slightly above average.

Bonuses and promotions

But what Bet-nox did well were bonuses. All bonus offers turned out to be relevant for players from Europe, which is rare among European bookmakers. There are a lot of promotions here, and I want to tell you about the one that, in my opinion, is the coolest – a welcome free bet bonus of up to 400 euros.