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Bet1000 Review

Bookmaker Bet1000 is one of the largest and most famous in the world. It was founded in 1974 in the UK, has come a long way of development, in 2001 it entered the Internet space and gained worldwide fame

Bet1000 Review

The pre-match line of bookmaker Bet1000 is good. At the time of writing this review, the menu on the official website offered 44 sports, including such exotic games as floorball or sepak takraw. In general, this place creates the feeling that you can bet on anything here, and that’s really cool.

Agree that it would be strange if the football line of an English bookmaker were worse than the others. Here football is presented in a little more than its entirety along with a very broad painting. I managed to count about two hundred championships and more than a thousand options for scheduling important and valuable matches. For games of the second and third tier, the list is a little simpler, the number of outcomes ranges from 200 to 600, which is also very good.

Tennis at Bet1000 is also a pleasant surprise. Here you can find everything you need: Grand Slam tournaments, Davis Cup, ATP and WTA championships, as well as far from the most popular ITF matches. The details are also at the highest level: a huge pool of handicaps and totals, the ability to bet on statistics, on the exact score of games and sets, on individual outcomes, etc.

Everything is great in the hockey line too. You can bet on all NHL and KHL matches, large and not very large European tournaments. All this is accompanied by a wide range of bets with a solid set of bets: for periods, totals and handicaps with the possibility of additional purchases and much more. In general, there is everything here that might interest hockey betting fans.

Do you like to make non-sports bets? Then you should definitely try Bet1000. Here you can bet on events from the political, scientific, financial spheres, as well as from the world of show business. Of course, many of them relate only to the United Kingdom, but citizens of other countries also have something to choose from.

Interested in e-sport? Here I found the widest line of e-sports that I have ever encountered. Moreover, not only world-class championships are presented here, but also regional and local ones, so everything is on top with this too.

To briefly summarize, the line of this bookmaker will appeal to bettors and cappers of various directions, and for this reason alone it is worth spending five minutes of your time searching for a working Bet1000 mirror.


The Live section of Bet1000 is considered the best in the world. And indeed it is. Let me start with the fact that the Live line is almost as wide as the pre-match line, which is very rare in bookmakers. If you compare the presented events for major sports with those available on Livescore, you can see that their number is approximately the same. The football section has all the championships, tournaments and leagues, ranging from the most valuable to the most uninteresting from the point of view of bookmakers. The situation is the same with tennis, there is practically no difference between bets on the ATP and ITF, the office gives the same cool list for all matches.

I’ll add a few words about the features of the Live section. Quite often, as the match progresses, the bookmaker greatly expands the schedule into halves/periods/sets. For betters who prefer to bet on football, the office also has an interesting “bunion”: approximately 15 minutes before the end of the match, the odds on TB increase to unrealistically high values, which even BetFair and any other exchanges do not have.

But there are also a couple of disadvantages. The first of them will not be liked by bettors who are engaged in insurance of totals and handicaps due to short shifts and their wide range, which simply narrows towards the end of the match, which in turn almost completely eliminates the possibility of insurance. The second drawback, it seems to me, will not be to everyone’s liking: in the last minutes of the game the office stops accepting bets, which is quite unpleasant, especially if it is necessary to cover an unsuccessful bet by subsequent additional purchases.


The situation with odds at bookmaker Bet1000 is not so clear. On the one hand, they are quite high, but on the other hand, there is one feature due to which players can bet on very unfavorable conditions (with a high margin). The same events can be presented in different markets, and the odds on them will also differ. For example, if you take the totals on the GoalLine and TotalGoals markets, they can differ by 10% for the same event. Therefore, if we talk about margin, we should take into account that the minimum commission for important leagues and tournaments is 3-7%, and the maximum depends on the type of market and the opinion of analysts about the match.