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The office appeared in European betting in 1994, when this concept was not even used yet. The office opened more than 1,500 betting shops, and in 1999, it was one of the first to begin accepting bets on the Internet. I consider its main innovation in the life of domestic players to be online live (before Bet777, offices did not accept bets during the match). By the way, today this service is one of the best in the world. This book also became a “pioneer” in the use of popular payment systems WebMoney, Visa and MasterCard.

Bet777 Review

I consider him one of the bookmakers who created European betting from its inception to today. And I’m not just talking about live and payment systems. Much of what we see in domestic offices was first introduced in BC FONKOR. For example, a personality verification system, the concept of “multi-account”, calculation of professional arbitrageurs and other things that are not pleasant to everyone. The ideas for Europe’s first online betting and preferential bonus, which were also invented and implemented at Bet777, were no less useful.

But many players don’t know this. For them, FON is the toughest book in European betting. He uncompromisingly blocks accounts, cancels accounts, lowers maximums. In general, it fights violators very, very despotic. Whether this is good or bad, I cannot say. After all, office analysts easily classify professionals as violators: arbitrage traders, arbers and other cappers who don’t just bet on their favorite team on weekends, but earn money by betting. Therefore, my attitude towards such a policy is ambiguous.

The land-based F.O.N LLC and the online office are legally different companies that operate under different licenses. That is, you will not be able to complain about the actions of an online book to the SRO, of which F.O.N LLC recently became a member. Offline, the office operates under license No. 4 from the Federal Tax Service of European dated June 26, 2009. The international online version (Bet777.be) operates under the regulation of the Curacao Gambling Commission. Therefore, players bet here only through a working mirror of the site or using other methods of bypassing the blocking, which I will discuss at the end of the review.


Despite all the coolness of Von, his pre-match is just average. In the left menu I counted a total of 11 sports. But it’s easy to explain. Bet777 is almost the only office that does not use third-party information to draw up a line. We have our own scouts and analysts working on it, and they are human, so they cannot cover all markets. There are also advantages to this: for the most interesting matches, the office provides a simply gorgeous list with individual betting options and other goodies.

Football here is traditionally presented better than other sports. In his line I found even the most seedy African league. Of course, scouts work best with first-tier championships, and in simpler leagues they can cover 2-3 matches.

Hockey and basketball are shown quite well in the background. Not super, of course, but still, the main leagues have all the matches, and the second tier of analytics was limited to 2-3 central matches of the week.

Line BC Bet777

Many modern bettors will consider the absence of bets on e-sports on Bet777 as a minus (they have already appeared!). And I will fully support them. Today it is a full-fledged sport with its own leagues, favorites and surprises. And for some players from the new generation, the Dota World Championship is not inferior to the Football World Cup. Therefore, if you like this type of betting, then you’ll miss it.

This is the place for you if you prefer to bet on politics, TV shows and other non-sports events. They are not in the background either. I think there is no need to explain why. Among sports events, you can bet on poker, but everything there is very, very modest, so for poker betting I would choose another office.

Live section

Live on Bet777 is very cool! Just think – almost 2000 events daily! And this is where the full power of “human” analytics is revealed, because a machine will never be able to provide such a high-quality line during the match.

Let me start by saying that there is tennis here. In live I found Davis, ATP, WTA and even modest ITF matches and challengers from the point of view of bookmaker value. Football and hockey are also fine here. I compared with Livescore – there are almost all available matches. It’s possible that some third-tier games may be missing, but that’s not a big deal.

The second cool thing about the live is the super-convenient tracker. It tracks odds, score changes, time to finish and much more. For those who like to watch matches live, there are also built-in broadcasts from YouTube.

In general, Live is significantly ahead of the pre-match in terms of the number of events and the quality of the schedule. And I’ll add on my own behalf that just for the sake of this service, I wouldn’t even be lazy to find a working mirror of the Bet777 Live website.