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Bet90 Review

Many betters know about the Bet90 office as a branch of 1xBet, which began accepting bets via the Internet back in 2007. Already at that time, the office managed to stand out among competitors with an excellent line, high odds and clear conditions. In 2010 “X” received a license from the Federal Tax Service and began to open betting points throughout Europe, as well as in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Moreover, until February 2016. The online activities of BC 1xBet were carried out under the control of the offshore gambling regulator of Curacao, and in accordance with the laws of the European, betting was prohibited there.

Bet90 Review

After changes in 2016 laws of the European regarding gambling and betting, BC “1xBet” creates a subsidiary company “1xBet”, receives permission to conduct online activities in European, becomes a member of the “First CPO” and begins to work only through the TsUPIS system. Users perceived such innovations in two ways: they received protection from the state and the opportunity to place bets legally, but began to pay an additional 13% tax for this protection.

IMPORTANT: BC 1xBet makes every effort to disclaim any connections with 1xBet. From a legal point of view, these are different companies. “1xBet” is registered in Bryansk as LLC “Bookmaker Pub”, and the “1xBet” brand belongs to the companies Bonnal Ltd & 1xCorp N.V.


If you go to the website Bet90, you immediately get the feeling that everything is here and even more. I counted more than thirty sports in the line, and besides them there are also e-sports, TV games, Eurovision, political events, etc.

As with most other European bookmakers, football leads the line here. At the time of publication of this review, there were just under a thousand events, many tournaments and leagues available for betting. If you prefer to bet on football, then 1xBet will be the best option.

Bookmaker line 1xBet

Second place goes to hockey, which is also quite natural for domestic bookmakers. At the time of publication of the review, I counted more than two hundred events, and not only in the KHL or NHL, but also in much less significant leagues.

Tennis traditionally ranks third. Here you can find almost all tennis events: Davis Cup, Grand Slam Tournament, ATP, WTA, ITF competitions, various challenges and much more.

If you like arguments about who will win a certain television show, or how the events in the series will develop, or what the outcome of the television series will be, then all this can also be found in 1xBet. Here, for example, quite recently it was possible to bet on who would become the new President of the United States, which of the Game of Thrones characters would take the throne of the Seven Kingdoms at the end of the eighth season, and who would win the TV show Dancing.

Live betting

If they tell you that the bookmaker 1xBet can count more than 2,500 Live events on a non-matching day, would you believe it? I would never have believed it either until I counted it myself and became convinced. This figure made a strong impression on me, and I think you were also surprised. Therefore, I have no reason to rate the Live line as less than “excellent.” The only drawback I can name is the lack of video broadcasts. But for those who play bets, this is not a problem, because there are many sites on the Internet where you can watch any match live.