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BetCity Review

BC BetCity was founded in Rostov-on-Don in 2003, where the company’s main office is now located. This is one of the first bookmakers to receive a new European license. In addition to the Europe, BetCity is licensed on the island. Curacao and Belarus.

BetCity Review

BC Betcity has more than 100 betting points. Some of them are in Macedonia. More than 20 points are located in Moscow. The bookmaker has 2,000 employees. The bookmaker’s main coverage area is the countries of the post-Soviet space, in particular English, Ukraine and Belarus.

More About BetCity

The company’s website has a laconic design, made in white and blue. The Betcity line is located on the left side of the page and includes a huge number of different sports: football, basketball, baseball, boxing, hockey, tennis, formula 1 and many others. BetCity’s signature can be called one of the best among bookmakers in the domestic and global markets.

In addition to betting, the BetCity bookmaker offers its players a “guest login” service. To practice betting, the player receives 10,000 virtual conventional units. After training with virtual money, you can move on to betting with real money. This service helps to master practical sports betting skills and attracts new players.

BetCity line and odds

Looking at the Betcity bookmaker line, we can say that it is very wide and has excellent variability. Betting fans are presented not only with more than 30 sports with a large coverage of championships and various tournaments, which is considered a good indicator, but also sections not related to sports.

Since the line appears very early, many domestic companies take it as a basis. It is written by its own staff of analysts. The list of events is also distinguished by a rich number of markets. To summarize, the Betcity line is one of the best among other bookmakers.

Of all the sports available in the line, the best list is in football, hockey, basketball, tennis, biathlon and volleyball. In this regard, hardly anyone can compete with them. A kind of business card of the Betcity bookmaker is the listing of totals and handicaps, regardless of sports. There is an opportunity to purchase them in any direction.

If there is an error in the line on the part of the analysts, the bookmaker returns the bet.


In BC Betcity, the odds are slightly higher than average, since the average margin level is quite high and sometimes reaches 7-10%. A bet on the favorite in a home match can be made with odds ranging from 1.45 to 1.6 on average. With approximately equal strengths of the opponents, the quotes exceed the 2.0 mark. With completely equal chances, sometimes odds are found at the level of 2.55-2.7.


  • European handicaps – no;
  • Asian handicaps – yes;
  • Asian quarter handicaps (with the possibility of half-spending) – no;
  • Asian whole handicaps (with the possibility of expense) – yes;
  • Alternative handicaps – yes;
  • There is a significant shift/purchase of the handicap or total.


The football line looks good. The main attention is paid to European championships and championships of leading countries on other continents. You can also find offers for countries exotic for this sport (Hong Kong, India and a number of others). In top countries, several lower leagues are covered, all other competitions up to the second division. In terms of betting markets, there is everything your heart desires.


One of the best tennis lines among competitors. Betting markets offer up to 50 options, including handicaps, totals, match outcome, set handicaps, whether a tiebreaker will be played, set results and much more. In the line you can find both the largest tournaments and the most minor ones.


The line is stunning in all aspects, characterized by super-variability and an incredible number of proposals. There is not only a breakdown of the match itself, but also each quarter, statistics, individual performance of basketball players, and so on. The top basketball leagues offer over 100 betting markets. It is allowed to purchase additional points on the handicap or total, but only in whole. You won’t be able to buy a shelf from us. Judging impartially, Betcity BC has the best basketball line among its competitors.


The hockey line is rich in events and has good market coverage. In addition to traditional offers, you can bet on match statistics and player performance. A schedule no less detailed than for a match is offered for each individual period. And in this sport the line is the best among all bookmakers.