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BetDeluxe Review

For any bookmaker’s office, reliability is extremely important. If the organization does not inspire the trust of others, it is not recommended to work with it. Once again, in the company, you invest your money, and since the company is unreliable, you risk not only not getting your winnings back, but also the money you invested. Therefore, before registering with any other bookmaker’s office, you need to carefully check them. The organization is required to provide information about the company, registration information about the legal entity, and especially information about the license. Bookmaker BetDeluxe has all the necessary information.

BetDeluxe Review

The online casino and bookmaker BetDeluxe is operated by Trannel International Ltd, which is registered in Malta. Regardless of the fact that Malta is considered an offshore jurisdiction for foreign deposits, this country is a member of the European Union, it must comply with the rules and standards. Therefore, it can be respected with certainty, although for the sake of customer protection it is subject to European jurisdictions – Great Britain, Germany, and other countries.

The bookmaker office does not provide information about the registration certificate number. The company’s legal address is not visible – Level 6 – The Centre, Tigne Point-Sliema, TPO 0001. The BetDeluxe bookmaker’s license is also issued in Malta. The document number is No. MGA/B2C/106/2000, which was approved for global activity by BetDeluxe in 2000.

This also means the good reputation of the bookmaker. The news about BetDeluxe is mostly positive. There were no major scandals in the press or in social media related to the activities of the central site. Thus, the casino and BC “BetDeluxe” can be considered reliable, even if the registration and license is issued in Malta, because of the danger of hostility.

BetDeluxe bonus policy

Bonus policy is also very important for any bookmaker’s office. It is not uncommon for players to skimp on choosing the bonuses themselves, sacrificing a wide selection of sports. Bonuses allow you to have more betting opportunities while investing at a lower cost. Thus, the more promotions, bonuses, and special offers a bookmaker offers, the greater the chances of losing a client.

On the official website of “BetDeluxe” there is only one bonus for clients, which gives an advantage to sports betting. The essence of this lies in the possibility of reversing the bet up to 25 EUR. To quickly receive this offer, you must register on the BetDeluxe website, go through verification and place a bet on an ordinary or express bet with a coefficient of no less than 1.4. To win from a no-cost bet, you must win three times the amount.

In general, the bonus policy of the bookmaker cannot be called standard. The choice of special propositions here is even limited. In addition to a single bonus for fans of sports betting, there is one special offer for online casinos and one for BetDeluxe Poker. However, to protect the company, we can say that promotions and special offers are updated regularly, and new promotions are constantly being carried out, although there are not many of them.

BetDeluxe odds

Odds are one of the key criteria for choosing a bookmaker. Whether any bettor wants to take away a larger win for the same bet, there is an important oddsmaker for any betting fan. The stink lies in the margin – the guaranteed profit of the bookmaker’s office. The lower the bookmaker’s score, the higher the rate of bettors.

Bookmaker BetDeluxe encourages clients to reach a high level of odds. Above the average level. Let’s take a look at a number of examples of oddsmakers for betting on various types of sports.

The first example we will look at is the Spanish football La Liga match between the Villarreal and Valencia teams. The company considers Villarreal to be the favorite in the match; the team’s odds for victory are 1.65. To their advantage, the installation coefficient is equal to 5.20. The basic handicap for a match is 1 goal. The -1 handicap for Villarreal is estimated at 2.16, and the +1 handicap for Valencia is 1.72. The base total for the match is 2.5. A bet on a total over 2.5 is valued at 1.83, and a bet on a total under 2.5 at 1.98.

‎‎‎‎‎We also look at another butt-duel of the final series of the National Basketball Association between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. The favorite of the match is the team from Los Angeles, the winning odds are 1.30, and their opponents from Miami have a winning odds of 3.60. The basic handicap for the match is 7 points. The -7 handicap on the Lakers and the +7 handicap on the Heat are valued at 1.91. The base total for the team is 216 points. The bet on the over total is valued at 1.90, the under bet at 1.93.

In this way, the ratio of the coefficients can be considered even good. The stench is not the same, but worse than the average. It is obvious that it is possible to win bets at the bookmaker’s office BetDeluxe, so the rating for the level of odds in this company can be given high.

Line BetDeluxe

The line is also important for any bookmaker’s office. Fans of bets must refrain from having a wide choice so that they can place their bets on the desired basis.