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BetGoodwin Review

BetGoodwin promotions and bonuses

Bonus policy is extremely important for any bookmaker’s office. When choosing a bookmaker, new traders often take advantage of various promotions and bonuses that will help you withdraw additional money for your deposit, have more money for bets, take part in prize drawings, etc. The richer the bookmaker’s bonus policy, the greater the chances for a new bookmaker to make a choice on his own account. In addition, it is necessary to create special offers for traders who have been working with bookmakers for a long time in order to maintain the interest of clients.

BetGoodwin Review

As of today, the BetGoodwin website does not operate, so we will look at the bonuses in retrospect. At the time of closing, the bookmaker issued only 1 bonus and 2 promotions. Zokrema, for new clients the bookmaker offered a bet without a risk. To quickly qualify for a special offer, it was necessary to register on BetGoodwin and collect an express with a minimum of 3 deposits, a back-to-back odds ratio of no less than 1.50. The bookmaker’s free bet amount increased from 10 to 20$. When the bet lost, “BetGoodwin” turned the bet amount. This bonus could be withdrawn by clients who opened their account before April 31, 2018.

In addition, promotions dedicated to the 2018 Champions League final were available on the BetGoodwin website. The stinks were coming:

  • Loyal 7. The bookmaker offered a 7% return on the bet amount to clients who placed bets on the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. To do this, you need to join the BetGoodwin club and place a bet for an amount of 10$. Once I lost, the bookmaker’s office turned over 7% of the lost amount.
  • HotZeros. This promotion gave a refund when betting on the exact outcome, if the final ended with a 0:0 outcome. To quickly qualify for the special offer, it was necessary to place a bet on the exact round of the Champions League final for an amount of at least 10$.
  • The promotions were available until 26 May 2020, that is, until the day of the final match of the Champions League.

In truth, the bonus policy on the BetGoodwin website did not disappoint. For example, the bookmaker did not offer a bonus for the first deposit. The promotions were purely thematic, and there were no real bonuses for clients who had been working with the company for a long time.

Coefficients of BC BetGoodwin

When choosing a bookmaker’s office, most bettors place a level of odds on another site for importance and reliability. It’s not surprising that even among the oddsmakers, the profitability of the bets can be found. The higher the price is quoted, the greater the potential winnings for the bettor when betting on the same amount. The margin is added to the pool of oddsmakers – this guarantees the earnings of the bookmaker’s office. The higher the margin, the lower the ratio of odds, and as a result.

Unfortunately, the BetGoodwin bookmaker website no longer operates. Therefore, it is sensibly, impossible to establish a price quotation at once. In 2018, the coefficient was slightly higher than average. At the same time, the results of the quotation were approximately at the level of 1.87-1.87. It is impossible to say that these are very high coefficients, but still a completely decent performance.