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Betswap.gg Review

New to the sports betting arena, Betswap.gg emerged in early 2021 as a project to solve all the problems faced by bettors in the traditional sports betting market. A team of professionals from the betting industry set out to create an improved and effective method for bettors.

Betswap.gg Review

Betswap.gg is a decentralized multi-chain betting exchange that is the first real competitor to the dominant and globally recognized betting exchange Betfair. The project invites everyone to place bets on any sport against a global community of players and bettors by simply connecting their MetaMask in a matter of seconds, and also act as a bookmaker themselves. Thus, Betswap offers new opportunities for online sports betting with a number of additional features. advantages: anonymity, globality and decentralization.

More about Betswap.gg

BetSwap’s launch can be described as successful, despite its beta tag. Twitter users did not report any issues with the platform and the BetSwap token was also well received. Launching in September 2022, the platform quickly began to gain traction and already had thousands of users and over $6 million in just a few months. In December 2022, Betswap.gg was ranked as the top Web3 sports betting website according to dApp Radar, managing to attract $2.2 million in trading volume across over 18,000 bets and achieving a top ranking position.

The exchange’s investors include Shima Capital, technology trust M6, asset management company DSA and investment company Wonderland.

The exchange does not stand still and continues to develop; new functions and improvements were added in 2023, a number of which are planned for 2024, including bonuses for new clients of the exchange. Betswap.gg promises maximum benefits for customers interested in decentralized applications, while also bridging the gap between Web 2.0 and 3.0.


There are two ways to start playing on Betswap: for Web 3.0 users (without registration) and with traditional registration for Web 2.0:

– In the first case, it is enough to log into the platform using your Web 3.0 wallet, for example, MetaMask. Then make a deposit by selecting USDT and you can start betting.

– In the second case, you will need to register using your email address or phone number. You can also make a deposit using a credit/debit card or e-wallet in your preferred currency. The deposit will be automatically converted into tokens and you can start placing bets.

How to fund your account

Betswap clients have several options for entering, withdrawing cash and cryptocurrency:

  • Customers can connect their crypto wallet to the Betswap exchange and place bets directly from their wallets simply and seamlessly (withdraw their winnings instantly) without commission. Since Betswap does not take customer money for safekeeping.
  • Register an electronic wallet directly with any online operator and exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency and vice versa as needed. An intermediary commission may apply.
  • Deposit and withdraw from credit or debit cards Visa|MasterCard, GooglePlay and ApplePay, Samsung Pay. There may be a commission from intermediaries; withdrawal of funds may take up to 24 hours.